Schedule Us for Car Ceramic Coating Services in the South Jersey area.

Prevent Scratches and Swirls on Your Vehicle

Handwashing your car is the best way to make your paint job last, but you may be left with unsightly swirls on your finish. Protect your car by working with South Jersey Paint Protection. Our experienced team has provided vehicle ceramic coating installations for close to ten years.

We'll complete car ceramic coating services catered to your specific vehicle make and model. Call 856-579-4108 to receive a free estimate for our car ceramic coating services.

Learn about our process

After you bring your car in for an appointment, we'll assess any damage or contaminates on your paint before starting an installation.

We complete our vehicle ceramic coat installations by:

  • Starting with a decontamination bath
  • De-ironizing the paint from tar and brake dust
  • Lifting contamination with a clay bar
  • Remove light scratches and swirls with a dual-action polish
  • Remove all oils and polish residue with an IPA (isopropyl alcohol)
  • Carefully apply ceramic coating(s) panel by panel

The ceramic coating will be applied to all painted surfaces, trim, windows and wheels. Protect your car paint job by scheduling an appointment with us today.